Friday, August 7

Postmark: 1940

I was very lucky indeed with this find: vintage stamps and postmarks from 70 years ago!

While poking around in Rebecca's parents' house, we found a box of old family photographs. I had no way to record them then, but we wanted to preserve these images and possibly upload them to share. They were wonderful images of the past: outfits, architecture, civic events, holidays, everything that showed what people were doing decades ago.

The next time we went out to Green Bay, I brought my laptop and flatbed scanner plus a backup hard drive, totally ready to scan the hell out of this pile of photographs. Predictably, they had vanished: a friend of the family had cleaned the house and was unavailable when we tried to contact her as to the photos' whereabouts. We don't think she took them, but we absolutely could not find them anywhere we looked (which isn't to say they weren't stuffed somewhere completely obscure).

But in rooting around for them, we found something else entirely: a trove of photos and old Valentine's Day cards from Rebecca's mom's side of the family. Right now I just want to show off these old, old stamps and the perfect specimens of postmarks they present. I will share some of the vintage Valentine's Day cards later, rest assured.

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