Monday, August 24

Alternative Envelopes

In an effort to reduce the amount of physical clutter in our apartment, and consequently increase the amount of space, my wife and I undertook several projects from donation/regifting to savage, unconscienable trashing of our property. It was obviously more satisfying to pass something useful on to someone who would appreciate it, but when push came to shove we found ourselves not above hauling a bag of crap to the trash bin out back.

In the case of DVDs, what we did was this: we decided we didn't care about owning the case that it came in and invested in some nice DVD albums. We removed the jackets from the DVD cases, trimmed them down to a size where they would fit in the album with the DVD, and discard everything that remained. Now we have lovely albums grouped by genre and the compendiums look no different than any other large tome on our bookshelves.

In the case of the pictured, these were slipcovers that went outside the box or case in which the DVD rested: extra packaging! Normally evil, but in this case useful. I saved several of my favorite slipcovers and intend to convert them into envelopes for letters for friends. They're stored in my stationery cabinet until when cometh such day as I may use them.

Who will get them? Who deserves them? It is impossible to know for now.

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