Friday, July 6

Creating Words and Worlds

Many people may not know this about me, but I love to play with word roots, like Greek and Latin pre/suffices. To borrow the vulgar argot: "It's just the funnest thing." I'd always been curious about this as a game, you know, creating new words (or discovering obscure ones, as with circumversion—thought I made it up, but it totally existed) out of these components. It's a useful exercise, not just for learning and memorizing these roots but as a creative tool: a new word can evoke images, suggest a culture or a new world.

I've been making my own lists of word components, but here are a couple resources for Greek and Latin medical beginnings and endings:
And now, a selection of made-up words that I may do something with later.
a tool to analyze and measure one's children (Ex.: Either my tocometrics are way off, or you're eating too much sugar, young man.)

one who transports corpses/carcasses (Ex.: Consarn it anyway! Whar's that blasted necrofer at? This here body needs ta git throwed into Potter's Field 'fore it 'splodes in this heat!)

adoration of the common people (Ex.: No one with that much money can claim to be a demolatrix, I assure you.)

artimage among common folk (Ex.: The street parade abruptly escalated from mere celebration to an impressive demomantic display of raw power.)

a treasury (Ex.: Fetch his lordship from the growlery... or lock him in there! There's been a disaster in the gazophylacium!)

capable of producing on all sides (Ex.: What she lacks in talent and vision, she more than makes up with in amphigenicity.)

intelligence gained from merely looking around (Ex.: Turn off the news and try being a little more scoptognostic for five minutes.)

the art of sculpting a subject in sugar (Ex.: While ample written material testify to this popular trend, no actual artifacts of Victorian glucography have managed to survive.)

a capacity for turning words around (Ex.: Punch me in the face if I ever date another epeovert.)

why we can't have nice things (Ex.: We own a pair of curious and chremalytic cats.)

hair bursting forth (Ex.: You did not have this much hair yesterday. I think you're trichorrhaging.)

oesophore (Amer. esophore)
that which carries those which carry (Ex.: A mailman's horse.)

iron-hearted (Ex.: Come here and kiss me, you unlikable, siderocordic coprophage.)

overly fond of fermentation (Ex.: After boiling 12 gallons of wort, the zymolaters each took a pot home to work their discrete magic upon it.)

a paucity or dearth of teenagers (Ex.: Quick, my love, let us enjoy the ephebopenic streets until the Justin Bieber show lets out.)

a variant of clairaudience (Ex.: I mayn't confirm what you claim to have heard in Kuala Lumpur just now, but I think the rest of your soi disant pantacusis is nothing more than eavesdropping.)

a condition in which one gets thirstier with the more booze one imbibes (Ex.: self-explanatory)

something that enters or lives in your butt (Ex.: Much of R. Crumb's work was titanophilic, yet I own a few pygoditic specimina.)

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