Thursday, March 4

Troubles with Postal Calculation

Ugh, sorry about not posting anything in here for a week and a half. I haven't been terribly active, postally.

I wanted to tune in briefly to warn people away from using the postage stamp calculator I had formerly linked to. It's shite. It sounds like a good idea but it's shite. Here's the sitch: I'm sending a square postcard to Russia, and that entails one 98¢ stamp (int't rate) plus 13¢ (square card = manual processing), so, $1.11 in total. (Note: the post office does not print 13¢ stamps.)

I have stamps in these denominations: 10¢, 28¢, 37¢, 42¢, and 44¢. I entered all these into the postage calculator, and it's supposed to find the minimum number of stamps in combination to satisfy the postage requirements. It suggested two 44¢ stamps and three 10¢ stamps, coming to $1.18.

Except I put two 37¢ stamps on by accident, then realized that a 10¢ stamp and a 28¢ stamp would come to $1.12--only one cent over! The postage calculator would have made me waste six more cents beyond that. And you might scoff at the difference of six cents, but why would you spend any money you didn't have to?

So don't bother with that postage stamp calculator. Actually, it's probably better for my mind (in terms of Alzheimer's prevention) to just figure out my own postage solutions. It could be a riddle, and I like riddles.

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