Friday, January 15

Update, Such As It Is

Uploaded new postcards from Postcrossing.

Not much else going on, I'm afraid. You'd think with only too much time on my hands (due to unemployment) that I'd be exploring all my creative projects. Not so: a portion of my day goes to job hunting and the rest is frittered away on Facebook games. I'm not proud of that but I've got to be honest about it.

I started a new blog where I take one picture of myself every day, 365 XN in 2010, and I've resumed writing one short story a day, but I've fallen off the wagon on that last bit. Einstein knew what he spoke of when he suggested the best job for a brilliant, creative mind was mindless drudgery. Under that yoke you would seek out and pursue creative projects to relieve your mind, but left with too much free time--as I am--I just become doughy and sluggish.

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