Friday, July 24

First Entry

This blog is set up so I can brag or rant about stationery adventures.

When I was stationed in S.Korea, in the Army, I maintained 30 active pen pals all across the U.S. Later, I attracted a few (short-lived) international pen pals, about which I was very excited. Friends in Italy and Germany recommended Postcrossing, a system by which complete strangers can send each other postcards from around the world!

I love letters. I love writing them and everyone loves receiving them.

I also explored crafting my own stationery for a while: I got into linocutting and stamp-making; I created letterhead and patterned writing paper; I constructed my own envelopes and mailers. That was a lot of fun to do, but... not everyone is into writing letters, and few of mine garnered responses.

That was discouraging, and I put much less energy into it now.

But hopefully this blog will rejuvenate my own interest. I'll cover the postcards I exchange, show off my DIY stationery efforts, go into etymology and linguistics, and blather about anything relevant to this irresistible passion of mine.

And if I make a few new pen pals in the process, um so besser!

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